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vimff leuser the last place on earth featured title

Leuser: The Last Place on Earth


Director: Carter Kirilenko
Origin: Canada
Duration: 15 minutes


This film shares the story of the most biodiverse ecosystem ever documented by science. In a true David vs. Goliath story, we join Goldman Environmental Award winner, Rudi Putra and his team of park rangers to learn what it takes to protect their home. The Leuser Ecosystem, on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, is facing the looming threat of the expansion of large scale illegal palm oil.


vimff leuser the last place on earth director

Carter Kirilenko

Carter Kirilenko is an emerging Docu​mentary Filmmaker and Director from Vancouver, whose work focuses on environmental issues – most notably the intersection between climate change and human health. Carter recently directed & produced the multi-award winning short film “In Your Palm”, which explores the link between Indonesia’s haze crisis and deforestation for palm oil. When he’s not making films, you can find him on the hunt for waste-deep powder.