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When Glaciers Go

Director: Corey Robinson
Origin: Nepal
Duration: 16 minutes


The remote Mustang region of Nepal is on the front line of our planet’s changing climate with glacial water shortages forcing the Gurung family and neighbors from their homes. Charting a course for future generations, the Gurung family splits ways. The younger generation moves to a new village, leaving behind traditional agriculture, to grow apples as a cash crop to sell on the global market. The film is an intimate portrait documenting this family’s efforts to find balance in a changing world.


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Corey Robinson

Corey focuses on stories of obsession in the nonfiction environmental, outdoor recreation and science realm. He’s shot on all seven continents, from the remote central pacific islands to a field camp deep in the Antarctic interior. Freelancing as a director, cinematographer, drone pilot, photographer and editor, he wears many hats. Work for television clients such as National Geographic and the Travel Channel balances with non-profit conservation and social justice clients across the country.