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vimff then comes the evening featured title

Then Comes the Evening

Director: Maja Novaković
Origin: Serbia
Duration: 27 minutes


This documentary depicts the bittersweet lives of two grannies living isolated on the hills of Eastern Bosnia. Nature is the entity with which these grannies speak, listen to, and respect. The film emphasizes the intangible cultural heritage, through the presentation of chants and rituals for taming the adverse weather, hail, and storms. It reflects the simplicity and purity of their way of life, as well as their painstaking work.

The film follows their everyday life in the countryside, which shows the caring and intimacy of the grannies, both in their mutual relations and in their relationship with nature. The poetic tone of the film relies on references from genre scenes of realism paintings.



vimff then comes the evening director Maja Novakovic by Oksana Skendzic

Maja Novaković

Maja Novaković holds a Master’s in Art History and is currently undertaking a Ph.D. on the work of Sergei Parajanov at the University of Belgrade, she is also a researcher at the Mathematical Institute at the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Then Comes The Evening is her first film.