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Ascending Afghanistan: Women Rising

Director: Erik Osterholm
Origin: Afghanistan
Year of Production: 2015
Duration: 49 minutes

‘Ascending Afghanistan: Women Rising’ follows a group of 16-19 year old Afghan girls as they try to become the first female Afghan mountaineering team. It is a powerful and eye opening story of a group girls as they try to re-represent what it means to be a woman in an extremely restrictive culture. Its both beautiful and uplifting as well as sad and dis-heartening… it is a window into life in Afghanistan. Words from the Banff Mountain Book & Film Festival Special Jury Mention:“A film that reminds us how trivial our aspirations and achievements are. A film that humbles us. The jury unanimously agreed that this powerful film could not go unrecognized… it is a reminder of how far we still have to go in the journey to make this a just and equal planet for all, and it casts a new light on the unexpected role mountain sports can play in those efforts.”— Bruce Kirkby, jury member.

Warning – This film contains graphic content.