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We have 52+ films that will be screening at various locations throughout the world.


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More shows will be added periodically so check back if you don't see a show in your area or consider hosting a show. For more information please contact tour@vimff.org.

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If you want to bring the Tour to your community, please submit your application through our hosting form.

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Feb 23 — Mar 3 / 2024


Feb 23 — Mar 24 / 2024

Enjoy some of the world's best mountain films in theatres across Vancouver and online.

Indigenous Identity in the Outdoors

Celebrate Indigenous reclamation and stewardship with inspiring journeys of paddling, riding, and running.


Fri, Mar 1 / 2024

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Shows, Workshops & Presentations

This year’s festival is sharing over 70 curated mountain and adventure stories with the VIMFF community February 23 – March 3. The festival features special guest speakers, filmmaker intros, and expert-led workshops on photography, storytelling, and mountain safety skills.

In-Person Shows

Friday Mar 1
Centennial Theatre
Celebrate Indigenous reclamation and stewardship with inspiring journeys of paddling, riding, and running. Featuring the story behind Canada’s newest national park, Thaidene Nëné, showcasing Indigenous commitment to land, waters, culture, and history. Curated by Michele Lobo.
Friday Mar 1
Rio Theatre
Enjoy five films of adventure and adversity. Featuring adventures in climbing, hiking, skiing, and even paragliding skiers. Includes a world premiere from the 2023 Film Grant recipient.
Friday Mar 1
The Cinematheque
Two gritty teams of hobbyist cavers are poised to break records for the longest and deepest caves in Canada. Plus, hear from the filmmakers and two of the cavers!
Saturday Mar 2
Rio Theatre
Four outstanding films examine environmental issues from diverse perspectives, including fish farming, food security, habitat protection, and climate change. Features one world premiere.
Saturday Mar 2
The Cinematheque
An all-female team sails from France to Greenland for big wall first ascents and a team of skiers seeks first descents on Mt. Logan’s East ridge.
Sunday Mar 3
Rio Theatre
Six films showcase adventure stories from climbers and bikers around the world, featuring tales from Chamonix, Tanzania, and a 4000 km ride from Mexico to Canada.
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Some of the world’s leading explorers, athletes, and creatives are joining the VIMFF 2024. Enjoy stories of adventures and hard earned mountain wisdom at select in-person shows in theatres across Vancouver, February 23 – March 3.

Sandy Ward

Julie Van de Valk

Deirdre Leowinata

Michael Grand

Scott Secco

Candace Campo, xets’emits’a

Paul DeGrace

Raz Peel

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Shows & Online Presentation

Not able to attend in-person?

The VIMFF is coming to you worldwide February 23 – March 24. Gather your friends to watch 70+ of the best mountain films. Stream anywhere in the world* and get inspired for a new year of adventure.

* Some films included in the online program are limited to viewers in Canada only and/or have limited viewing periods. See individual film pages for details.

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The VIMFF 2024

Online Film Pass

Feb 23 — Mar 24 / 2024

Get access to a curated selection of 70+ of the world's best mountain films.

Stream anywhere in the world February 23 - March 24*.


The VIMFF 2024 includes more than 70 thought-provoking and action-packed mountain films celebrating climbing, snowsports, biking, the environment and more.
With anti-Asian hate on the rise, three Korean-Americans ride the Great Divide Trail.
From devastating injury to the cutting edge of adaptive climbing, follow Adrien Costa for an epic first ascent.
A story documenting the exploration of how surfing can increase health, wellness and value for nature in a community.
An all-female team sails through the rough Arctic sea to Greenland, where climbers attempt the first ascent of a Big Wall.
A climber aspires to become the first Cuban to conquer three legendary ascents.
A raw and poetic portrait of the children that call the Jipe Moyo and Musoma home in Tanzania.
Two gritty teams of hobbyist cavers are poised to break records for the longest and deepest caves in Canada.
The story of a 520km ski traverse through the mountainous Austrian state of Tyrol.
Their culture thrived here for millennia but all this and more are being threatened by open net-pen salmon farms.
Erik Weihenmayer, a blind athlete ascends a massive alpine rock face in the Sierra Nevada.
The Ni Hat'ni Dene Guardians are preserving a new national park reserve not only for future generations here - but also for the world.
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The Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Society is proud to have partners who share similar values to inspire our community to celebrate and embrace mountain film and culture, outdoor sports and environmental initiatives. Thank you to all our partners who contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of VIMFF.

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