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Behind the Scenes with Resolution Race

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tom Wright, VIMFF’s Program Director, interviewed the Adventure Syndicate about their upcoming film, Resolution Race, part of VIMFF’s Adventuring in a Changing World Show available May 5-12, 2021.

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Who is the Adventure Syndicate? What do you do?

The Adventure Syndicate is a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to get more people outdoors and more people active. We use honest and collaborative storytelling and work with schools, community groups and the wider public to try and share our message through film, written words, spoken words and, most importantly, bikes! We’re committed to developing more diverse, inclusive and sustainable outdoor spaces and are working with other adventurous folk across the UK to do just that.

In your eyes, what is ‘sustainable adventure filmmaking’? And why do you think it’s important?

There’s definitely two strands to the idea of sustainable adventure filmmaking. There’s being conscious of the physical impact we have as filmmakers/adventurers on the planet whilst we’re producing adventure films, but there’s also a level of awareness around the stories we are telling and how we are choosing to tell them. The physical impact we have as we travel, consume and adventure is undoubtedly a significant contributor to the climate and ecological crisis and something we all need to address (in Resolution Race the film crew’s electric van certainly proved an added challenge, but it got us where we needed to go and added another layer to the adventure story). The storytelling we engage with in adventure films also has a significant impact on how people approach adventure and what kind of adventures people want to undertake; so, if we can shift the narratives away from traditional styles of adventure (where mountain conquering and nature exploitation are king) and towards more environment-conscious stories, then we have an opportunity to champion a truly sustainable form of adventure through our films – that sounds pretty cool to me!

What kind of adventures appeal to you? 

Adventures from your doorstep are always pretty cool. Being able to pack your bike, leave from your front door, go and have an adventure and then get back home under your own steam is definitely a rewarding adventure! Travelling distances and going over some remote terrain always adds to the sense of adventure, but getting to know the land you’re moving through makes it extra special – identifying the wildlife that lives there, foraging for some food or looking out over the sprawling landscape from the top of a hill is what makes the best adventures.

What can we expect to see from the Adventure Syndicate in the future?

You can expect a lot of exciting stuff! For 2021, we’re slowing our adventures down and taking the time to explore. We’re going to be travelling down three of Scotland’s biggest rivers from their source to the sea, meeting the people to whom the rivers give life, exploring the natural landscapes and appreciating what we have on our doorstep here in Scotland! We’re hoping to get as many people as possible to join us through our virtual Match the Miles challenges and we’ll be telling the story of each river through film, spoken word and written stories. So stay tuned, we’ve got an exciting year ahead!

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