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vimff nicole barrette featured artist

Meet Nicole Barrette – 2020 Featured Artist

Nicole’s art is a reflection of her experiences. She paints a lot of landscapes; particularly mountains and high alpine places. Nicole has been a rock climber for over ten years and her climbing trips have taken her to some breathtaking locations few have seen. She captures these wild and rugged places through the lens of a camera and then translates the pictures into paintings. Doing so is an attempt to portray the feelings surrounding a climb in a way that photos alone cannot. In this way she feels she is able to better capture the way being in the mountains feels on the canvas.

While she has been creative from a very young age, she only recently began to explore becoming a professional artist and has been pushing herself to improve her skills and develop her unique artistic style. She has a deep connection to wild places and the land which surrounds her. Nicole grew up on Vancouver Island and currently lives in Vancouver, BC.  Every year she explores a little bit more and continues to find inspiration for her artistic vision.

Nicole will be at the following VIMFF February Festival Shows: Centennial Theatre on Feb 22, 27, 28, 29 and the Frederic Wood Theatre at UBC on Feb 25.

For more info about Nicole, check out her website.

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