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3 Wheels Under The Sun

Director: Justin Lemire-Elmore & Aaron Enevoldsen
Origin: Canada
Duration: 18 minutes

In the summer of 2018, two Vancouver adventurers decided to participate as the only North Americans in the Suntrip solar bike race from France to China. Part early honeymoon trip, part science project, they built from scratch a back-to-back solar powered tandem tricycle that could be both rowed and pedaled. Together they turn heads and face challenges carving their own route from Lyon to Tehran before flying back to BC for another big engagement.


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Justin Lemire-Elmore

Justin Lemire-Elmore has been involved in electric bicycles since his student days at UBC Engineering in the early 2000’s, and realized that this was his life’s calling. He’s since devoted himself to the advocacy, exploration, and research of light electric vehicles, and has a company Grin Technologies (aka ebikes.ca) which makes and supplies conversion parts to the DIY ebike community.

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Aaron Enevoldsen

Aaron Enevoldsen is best known for his work with the “Long Treks on Skate Decks” video series where he and his adrenaline junky friends documented themselves touring across the Andes mountains and around Morocco by skateboard. Aaron has been building electric bikes and other electrified man-powered contraptions for over 15 years. He now works with Grin Technologies where he combines his knowledge in both electric bikes and making short videos for marketing.