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vimff born from junk featured title

Born from Junk

Directors: Mike Horn & Galin Foley
Origin: USA
Duration: 15 minutes


Born From Junk traces the outlaw roots of mountain biking back to its raw beginnings in Crested Butte Colorado. In this small mountain community, a crew of unlikely pioneers pursue wild times while exploring local trails which sets in motion a new global phenomenon.



vimff born from junk Director Mike Horn

Mike Horn

Mike is a Crested Butte, CO-based writer and director, and a partner at ​Buttery, a creative agency that specializes in multimedia  storytelling and advertising. He began his writing career in the outdoor publishing industry before co-founding Buttery with three  other partners in 2011. “Born From Junk” represents his first  director/writer role in a documentary film.

vimff born from junk director Galin Foley

Galin Foley

Galin is a Burlington, VT-based director and cinematographer. He got his start in the outdoor sports industry but has since branched  out to commercial and brand storytelling to work with clients including Nike, Only NY, NYCFC, Alicia Keys, Killington Resort, Stevens Pass, Hendricks, WhistlePig, Western Colorado University, and Gunnison-Crested Butte Tourism. Galin is driven by the opportunity to meet interesting new people and tell their stories in a unique way. In addition to film, he is passionate about canine  pals, caffeine, and traveling. Galin is a partner and the Director of Video Content at ​Buttery Agency.