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Carlisle 200

Trigger Warning

This film discusses Indian Residential Schools and the ongoing impacts. For support if you experiencing or dealing with trauma, please visit: www.hopeforwellness.ca

27 mins |
United States |
  • Biking
  • Indigenous
  • Mountain Culture
Guarina Lopez, Sanjana Sekhar, Erin Joy Nash
LANGUAGE(S): English


Carlisle 200 follows Native bikers Guarina Lopez (Pascua Yaqui) and Tsinnijinnie Russell (Diné) on a 200-mile prayer ride from Washington, D.C. to the cemetery at Carlisle Indian Boarding School in Carlisle, PA. Through rain and shine on the long gravel trail, Guarina, Tsinnijinnie, and fellow activist-bikers honor the 190+ children buried at Carlisle and raise awareness of the history and ongoing impact of the residential boarding school system on Indigenous communities.

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