The VIMFF Summer Fest is back on June 22 at the Shipyards in North Vancouver!
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VIMFF FS Film x Co Workers


6 mins |
Canada |
  • Canadian
  • Mountain Culture
  • Snowsports
Jeff Thomas, Ryan Regehr
LANGUAGE(S): English


There’s a certain joy in crafting a life where you can work in the mountains, combining your purpose and passion with your favourite place to play. Those daily heroes who keep the runs pristine and the chairs turning, who spend their lives immersed in that which draws each and every one of us to these snowy peaks and forests. But there are also a select lucky few who pioneered a new way to parent and took “bring your kid to work day” to new heights.

Paul Morrison has been a professional photographer for over 45 years. We join Paul, and his son, Ian, on a day in the life at their home resort.

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