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Crossing the Outback: Expedition Parenthood

Director: Justin Jones
Origin: Australia
Duration: 48 minutes

Lauren and Justin defied convention, logic and societal expectations by embarking on a journey of 1800km on foot and unassisted (i.e that means just the three of them and no support crew or vehicle) through one of the worlds extreme, isolated and beautiful places on earth, Australia’s Outback, with their one year old daughter, Morgan.

By embarking on an epic journey at the most unlikely of times, they dared to slow down, connect as a family, uncovered what really is important and discovered that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

The Jonesys didn’t want to take a holiday, they wanted to build a life they did’t want to have a vacation from. And this is their story.

This filmed is primarily directed, shot and funded by the two (and occasionally three) people on the trail.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land that we lived on, walked and traversed. We honour and recognise the traditional Australian elders, past, present and future.)


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Justin Jones

Justin Jones is fuelled by curiosity and FOMO. He is a self taught story teller trying to do the most with his one wild and precious life. His passion is heading out on big ‘impossible’ or ‘crazy’ expeditions and picking up a camera to film what unfolds along the way.

He’s been lucky to have directed two award winning documentaries – Crossing the Ice and Crossing the Ditch about two of his other expeditions; the first ever unsupported return South Pole expedition and the first kayak across the Tasman Sea.