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VIMFF x Finding An Edge

Finding An Edge

6 mins |
United Kingdom |
  • Mountain Culture
  • Snowsports
James Malone
LANGUAGE(S): English


In the stunning Chamonix region, a group of injured Royal Marines embark on a life-changing challenge – learning to ski, which can be difficult even when uninjured.
Focusing on Baz, an experienced former Royal Marines Commando and winter warfare specialist of the elite mountain leader branch, the group faces physical and emotional challenges. Doubts creep in, but sheer determination and a solid veteran family unit pulls him through.
With unwavering camaraderie, they support each other through falls and failures, finding strength in their shared experiences.

As they improve, their confidence grows, and they conquer the advanced slopes, proving that their injuries do not define them and true freedom is not out of reach.

“Finding an Edge” – A short film celebrating the indomitable spirit of our veterans that also promotes accessibility in mountain sports.

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