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VIMFF x Flow


12 mins |
United Kingdom |
  • Biking
  • Mountain Culture
Andy McCandlish
LANGUAGE(S): English


Flow features The Trailrippers – Nathan and Ruben de Vaux – two mountain biking brothers from the Dyfi Valley in Wales who are already making their mark on the British MTB scene.

Mountain biking means everything to Nathan and Ruben and this short film tells their family story with the help of their Mum, Ina. Together, they tell us how they first got into riding and then racing and the benefits and challenges that neurodivergence brings to their riding and how riding bikes helps them regulate their lives.

Flow sees The Trailrippers riding on their home trails, at Dyfi Bike Park and the Glencoe round of the British Cycling National Downhill Series in 2023.

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