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Freeride Skiing at Home

1 mins |
Germany |
  • Snowsports
Philipp Klein Herrero
LANGUAGE(S): English


Tired about hearing negative things in the news and being forced to stay at home in Barcelona, this freeride skier got creative, went skiing in his living room and sought out adventure in his head. Turns out it’s fun!

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This film was part of Fall Series 2021 and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff fs freeride skiing at home director Philipp Klein Herrero

Philipp Klein Herrero

Philipp Klein Herrero, is an outdoor adventure photographer, filmmaker and skier based in Barcelona, Spain. Born into a family of passionate skiers in Germany, Philipp was lucky to start skiing at the young age of three. Half German, half Spanish, he lived most of his life in Madrid where he moved to when he was 8. He studied Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Industrial Economics, but was always moved by two main passions: skiing and the art of documenting adventures. Philipp was always the kid that would join any kind of outdoor activity with a camera in hand, his goal being coming home with photos and videos that conveyed the thrill of what he was seeing. As his Freeride Skiing and mountaineering adventures took him to more and more remote places, it was only natural that he would specialise in shooting his passions: skiing, climbing and alpine photography. Always on the lookout for the next adventure, his dream is to create pictures that share the love for nature and transmit the feeling of being alive.


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