The VIMFF Summer Fest is back on June 22 at the Shipyards in North Vancouver!
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VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Fuego


7 mins |
Andorra |
  • Biking
Kilian Bron, Mathieu Ruffray
LANGUAGE(S): English


Kilian Bron and his team are back with a new visual spectacle! From Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia, for two months the dream team scoured the most beautiful spots to make amazing memories and bring back breathtaking images.

From their arrival at the foot of the Fuego volcano the day before its historic eruption, to the colourful facades of Barrio Chualluma in La Paz, through the geological formations of the Valle de las Animas and the contrasts of the Auzangate, without forgetting meeting with the Cholitas Escaladoras, women from the Aymaras indigenous community who climb and conquer summits! Kilian has been meeting these people and experiencing the craziest spots on his Commencal Meta SX.

An ode to escape and adventure travel, Fuego is a new masterpiece, and Kilian and his team hold the secret…

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