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I Am Because You Are

World Premiere
17 mins |
Canada |
  • Canadian
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Sports
Levi Allen
LANGUAGE(S): English


“I Am Because You Are”” follows the journey of six women of colour as they embark on their first mountaineering trip in the beautiful and rugged Bugaboos. The plan was for a summer trip with the opportunity to learn foundational mountain skills from their guides, but up until the last minute the trip was almost cancelled due to historic levels of spring snow. Despite the group having mixed levels of experience with backpacking or camping in snow, the crew decides to come together, pack their bags and take on the adventure with trust in their guides.

The group sets out to re-imagine the traditional narrative of mountaineering by living out the long standing African philosophy of Ubuntu that translates I Am, Because You Are. This approach brings to life a different way of traveling through the mountains. One that pushes past the barriers and obstacles many communities face, and extends an invitation. This film shares the beauty and transformation that happens when we say yes to that open invitation.

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This film was part of Program 2, Summer Fest 2023, VIMFF 2023 and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff i am because you are levi allen director

Levi Allen

Based in British Columbia, Levi Allen wants to help aspiring story tellers have the tools and skills to make films they can actually be proud of. Lately he’s created a lot of solo shot winter pieces for his YouTube channel but also loves the challenge of an outdoor documentary. He runs and teaches through the the Adventure Film Academy, which exists to help equip aspiring filmmakers get the practical experience and skills they need to tell better stories.

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