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vimff maybe tomorrow featured title

Maybe Tomorrow


Director: Guillaume Bertocchi
Origin: Belgium
Duration: 39 minutes


In North-Western Greenland, because of climate change, good sea ice has been vanishing for several years. The Upernavik Archipelago is located on this exact border between water and ice. What’s this border like? What’s it like to live there?

Guilhem and Guillaume, two adventurers, wanted to meet the different communities in the Archipelago by ski-crossing from island to island in this world of bad ice. What will they learn from the locals who are masters in coping with this ever-changing reality?



vimff maybe tomorrow director guillaume bertocchi

Guillaume Bertocchi

Guillaume Bertocchi is a 40-year old photographer/adventurer from France. He’s especially interested in the most isolated places in the world, where nature is still very wild, like Pamir and Karakorum in Central Asia, and the Arctic regions. In his photo reports and films, he tries to combine an aesthetic point of view with an adventure that is sometimes very intense.

In his first film, “The Never Melting Story’, he related his cold journey through the ice desert of Baffin Island. In ‘Maybe Tomorrow’, his 2nd film, he wants to learn, in contact with the locals of Northern Greenland, what it’s like to live in a world of bad ice.