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New Way Up

North American Premiere
24 mins |
United Kingdom |
  • Adventure
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Sports
Jake Holland
LANGUAGE(S): English


The Karakoram mountains are known for their huge scale and jaw dropping beauty. Nestled within them is Gulmit Tower, a technical granite pinnacle that has never been summited. Previous teams have often failed because the highly glaciated terrain makes the approach by foot long and treacherous.

Fabi Buhl and Will Sim, both experienced alpinists, have a new idea. They plan to harness the power of the sky and use paragliders to fly over the glaciated terrain, reaching the base of the climb in hours, not days. Follow them on their epic journey as they attempt to set a new direction for Himalayan climbing.

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vimff new way up jake holland director

Jake Holland

Jake Holland is a British filmmaker, based in Chamonix, France. He has a deep love of adventure sports and capturing the stories that can be found within them.

He relishes in the challenges that come with filming in harsh environments and particularly thrives when having to keep up with world class athletes.

At the heart of Jake’s work he looks for unique stories and enjoys the contrasting, slower pace of bringing them to life in the edit room.

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