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VIMFF Fall Series Climbing Show Pass It On

Pass It On

11 mins |
Canada |
Jen Randall
LANGUAGE(S): English


Pass It On celebrates three locals who spread their love of Squamish climbing into the fabric of the broader community. In this series, we meet Sandy Ward of the Lil’wat Nation, who dedicates time to sharing her climbing knowledge with local indigenous youth, we get silly with Tami Knight, route developer of the late 70s and 80s, and go projecting with long-term carer Michelle LeBlanc who takes residents in their 80s on imaginary expeditions.

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vimff pass it on director jen randall

Jen Randall

Jen Randall is a director and editor who aims to empower, entertain and challenge viewers with intricately woven, emotive narratives and a quiet sense of fun. For the last decade, she has closely collaborated with filmmakers, athletes, artists and brands to strike to the core of powerful, personal stories. Her work has been awarded major prizes at international mountain film festivals, been sold for broadcast, gained large online followings and been distributed across international cinemas.

Jen often quests into the wilds on adventures inspired by her subjects, from long distance walks to big walls.

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