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Trigger Warning

This film discusses eating disorders and has mentions of suicide.

World Premiere
19 mins |
Canada |
  • Biking
  • Mental Health
  • Women
Casey Dubois
LANGUAGE(S): English


Traumatic experiences as a young gymnast left Tori Wood struggling heavily with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder into adulthood. Years later, after working through the darkest moments of her life, Tori decided to confront her past by re-entering the world of competition, this time in enduro mountain bike racing.

After winning the overall women’s pro category in her first season, Tori is setting her expectations high to follow up her breakout year. As her second season begins without the same level of success, the trauma she’s been trying to confront creeps back into her life. Tori needs to change her perspective as an elite athlete to reflect newfound priorities.

‘Reflection’ tells more than just a story about a woman and her bike. Tori opens the door to her life as she shares openly about her ongoing battle with mental health.


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