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Sea-to-Sky Trail Series: Creating Space

World Premiere
10 mins |
Canada |
  • Canadian
  • Mountain Culture
  • Mountain Sports
Joel Fuller
LANGUAGE(S): English


This short film tells the story of JoJo Das, a runner, climber, and compassionate individual who has called the Sea-to-Sky home for the past decade. JoJo’s journey is one of transformation, as he reflects on how he used to feel the need to “earn” his place in the outdoor community and how, through his work in the DEI space and the supportive trail running community in Squamish, he now believes that the outdoors should be a place of open invitation for all. Follow JoJo as he shares his insights on the power of kindness and inclusivity in creating welcoming spaces in the outdoors.

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This film was part of Program 1, Summer Fest 2023, VIMFF 2023, VIMFF 2023 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff sea to sky trail series creating space joel fuller director

Joel Fuller

Joel is a multi-talented photographer, artist, and filmmaker based in Squamish, BC. His love for trail running, ski touring, cycling, and community drives both his personal and professional endeavors. He is dedicated to not only showcasing the thrilling and visually stimulating side of these sports, but more importantly, sharing authentic and vulnerable stories in these spaces about the human experience.

Recently, Joel directed his first three films with Arc’teryx. These films showcase three different stories about trail running in the Sea-to-Sky, with the film, “Creating Space,” premiering at VIMFF. The film tells the personal story of local resident JoJo Das, highlighting the hurdles, drive, and dedication to creating his own space in the outdoors and inviting others to join him.

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