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vimff speak to me softly background

Speak To Me Softly

Director: Henna Taylor
Origin: USA
Duration: 7 minutes

Climbers love to talk about exposure, about vertical rock faces and sheer ridgelines and the experience of hundreds of feet of air underfoot. But what of the exposure that happens within? The inner dialogue and the battle with fear, expectations, and self? “Speak Softly to Me” is a short film and case study into the emotional and mental side of climbing. Akin to reading someone else’s journal or sneakily looking over their shoulder, the film invites you to take an honest and intimate peek into the headspace of a climber having a not-so-sendy day.



Henna Taylor

Henna Taylor is a filmmaker based in Boulder Colorado. In 2011, she decided to begin documenting her experience while living with four midwives in rural Cambodia. Through recording the delicate subject of childbirth in Cambodia, she discovered a passion for uncovering the most subtle and humbling elements of the human spirit. Henna strives to capture the basic moments of humanity while creatively weaving them into every story she tells. Whether she is making short promos or long-form documentaries, interviewing a subject in a quiet setting, or shooting an adventure film from off a rope 2000 feet off the ground; these simple moments embody Henna’s work. Henna is known for her enthusiasm to learn, and her engagement in every aspect of storytelling. Her films are the product of this wonder and curiosity.