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Star In The Sky

Trigger Warning

This film discusses mental health and suicide

World Premiere
18 mins |
Canada |
Lara Shea
LANGUAGE(S): English


A star in the sky, shared as a metaphor for children who have undergone great adversity, is both moving and profound. A mother’s strength; a child’s resilience; the support of a community; the tragedy of mental illness and loss: these are the themes that are ingrained in this film – and their story.

Playing at

This film was part of

VIMFF 2023

and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff star in the sky lara shea director

Lara Shea

Lara Shea is an award-winning Canadian filmmaker. Her current focus is exploring mental health issues within the mountain community, a place she calls home. Lara is also a mother, aspiring backcountry ski guide and adores fly fishing and her many pets.

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