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The Farmer

4 mins |
United States |
  • Snowsports
Michael James Brown
LANGUAGE(S): English


The Farmer, a local legend in the Wasatch Mountains, spends his winters harvesting one of the most precious crops on earth: powder. This film explores how his passion for efficiency and sustainability were utilized to maximize a lifetime of skiing.

UPDATE: In the months following the release of this film, David Van Dame AKA ‘The Farmer’ was diagnosed with bladder cancer. After a difficult fight with the illness, he sadly passed away on Oct 17, 2021. This has been a heartbreaking loss, however his community, friends, family and loved ones find solace in the knowledge that Dave lived his life to the fullest, placing his priority on the things that matter most in life. Dave was happy about the opportunity to share his story and his perspectives on skiing, efficiency and conservation in this film. Throughout his struggle with cancer, he felt uplifted knowing that these messages would connect with people around the world for years to come.

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This film was part of Program 1, Summer Fest 2022, VIMFF 2022, VIMFF 2022 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.



vimff the farmer michael james brown director

Michael James Brown

A Salt Lake City native, director Michael James Brown is one of the filmmakers behind a slew of award winning films including Valhalla, Afterglow, Darklight, and many more. Working to push boundaries in storytelling and cinematography, he captures stories around the world in documentary and adventure filmmaking. When not framing up a composition or distilling an editing timeline, he is likely to be found in pursuit of powder, singletrack, or peaks.

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