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The Long Wall

21 mins |
United States |
  • Climbing
Gareth Leah
LANGUAGE(S): English


Have you ever pondered what the longest climbing route in the world is?

You may have guessed that it was the great Mt. Thor on Baffin Island, Canada (4,101ft), or perhaps even the Azeem ridge on the Trango Towers, Pakistan (7,400ft), both impressively large in size, but even these are dwarfed in comparison to the unlikely record holder.

Nestled amongst the lush hillsides of upstate New York sits a bluff of quartzite rock known as the Gunks. Regarded as the birthplace of American climbing, its short yet mighty wall stretches more than 9000 ft… horizontally.

Established by Dan Rosanstein and Ken Nichols in 1987, the Great Wall of China route is a masterpiece of esoterica which traverses the entire wall, its greatest crux may be jug rash, bugs, and dog walkers.

One Dream. Two Dirtbags. 9000 ft of Climbing.

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vimff the long wall gareth leah director

Gareth Leah

Free thinker, light bringer, and game shaker. Gareth believes in equality, inclusivity, and diversity. Founder of an interdisciplinary team of innovators, artists, and digital gurus that endeavor to be the change they want to see in the world.

As an adventure enthusiast and big wall climber, Gareth “”Gaz”” Leah has dedicated the past 10+ years to the search for places few humans have ever been, and uncovering the wonders of what is to be found.

With an insatiable sense of curiosity in people, place, and culture – his films have distinct human feeling that cut to the fabric of human experience and uncover the core values of the subject in focus.

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