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Write Your Line

3 mins |
France |
  • Snowsports
Marc Augey, Andy Collet
| SUBTITLES: English


As a kid, Ben dreams of reaching the level of his favorite athletes, who have become legends today. During his ski descent, he finds himself sharing his ride with the greatest. This descent will go viral on the internet, provoking the craze of future generations, all curious to see it.

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023, VIMFF 2023 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.



vimff write your line marc augey director

Marc Augey

Passionate about stories, his cinephile side has allowed him to develop a sensitive relationship with screenwriting. Cinema and image do not deceive, they are of a great sincerity. Major of higher education and director within PVS Company, his learning has no limit and allows him to touch all kinds of projects (advertising, documentary and short fiction).

vimff write your line andy collet director

Andy Collet

A former pro skier and nature lover, he has always been attracted to photography. With time, he learned to master the natural light on grounds with often extreme conditions. Coming from the sports world, he transmits this passion in his realizations and his framings. A dynamic and cinematographic image has allowed him to conquer various markets (Armani, Hermes, Adidas, Chanel, Picture Organic Clothing …).


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