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Greg Hill

After Greg found ski mountaineering in the Spearhead range, he was hooked and hasn’t stopped since. A pro skier, filmmaker and a ski guide with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Greg has made hundreds of first descents and set world records like climbing and skiing over two million feet in less than a year and 50,000 feet in 24 hours. Greg set a Spearhead record of 4 hours and 1 minute in 2004 that lasted till 2014, and has always loved to push his endurance in the mountains. To name a few of the many endurance challenges he’s completed, he pushed his endurance on the Wapta ski traverse to 7 summits in one day, did the Bugaboo to Rogers traverse in 52 hours and did Spearhead with 11 summits in 2007 from the valley.

But Greg’s biggest objectives lately are in his everyday quest to adventure in a more sustainable fashion. Fueled by fortitude, rather than recognition and fame, Greg, a father of two, challenges himself and us all to leave the planet in better shape.

Speaking at


The Unlimited Spearhead

Join Greg Hill as he journeys through his progression in the backcountry of Whistler. Find out how he began his skin tracks there in 1999 and how he always returns to push his own potential. He will share more about his latest film, Unfinished Business, and the ultimate Spearhead challenge including a tease of the great lines off the summits of this iconic traverse. This talk will leave you inspired and ready to adventure amongst these peaks and push your own backcountry progression.


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