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Jasper Snow Rosen

Jasper Snow Rosen grew up in the Southern Gulf Islands with a family dedicated to youth outdoor education, respecting the land, and being a part of a strong local community. Jasper’s love for the outdoors led him to explore the coast by kayaking, surfing, mountaineering as well as facilitating youth programs to give the up and coming generation a reason to protect what we have. Jasper’s adventures in the mountains and on the coast have taken him through Northern BC in a veggie oil powered truck to communities who are fighting to protect their lands and waters. He has been involved in direct action to advocate for social and environmental justice & helping to lift voices from the front lines through filmmaking. Jasper is dedicated to the friendships created in these amazing communities who have shown him the importance of our connection to the land.


The Klabona Keepers: Live panel discussion and Q&A

Join the film director and community elders from the Tahltan Territory as they discuss the multi-generational effort to protect their remote sacred headwaters, known as the Klabona – fighting against local law enforcement, government and large corporations.

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