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Lynn Martel

Lynn Martel has written about the people and places of western Canada’s mountain community for more than 25 years. Her work has appeared in Alberta Views, explore, Gripped, The Pique newsmagazine and Canadian Geographic magazines, and in 10 ACC Summit Series biographical booklets. An energetic, popular presenter, she was a featured guest of the 2020 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. Lynn is also a talented outdoor photographer and an accredited hiking guide. Stories of Ice is her third book.


Stories Of Ice

Glaciers are exquisitely beautiful. They are fascinating wonders of nature. They are our savings account for freshwater. They are fascinating environments where skiers can explore for days, weeks, even months. And yes, they are melting.

But, Canada has more glacier ice than anywhere on Earth except Greenland and Antarctica. Thousands of those glaciers are found in the Canadian Rockies, and in British Columbia’s mountain ranges from the Coast to the Purcells. These glaciers are dynamic, intriguing, sometimes dangerous places where people pursue adventures, run businesses, do scientific research and create art, all year round.

With dozens of spectacular images, Lynn Martel’s Stories of Ice features some of those adventurous, curious, industrious and talented people, including some Coast Mountain locals. From a mother/daughter duo who spent five months skiing and camping across icefields from Squamish to Alaska, to scientists discovering biofilms living deep inside the Athabasca Glacier, to how a Banff distillery makes its gin and vodka using water from Rockies’ glaciers, Lynn’s stories will immerse you in the fascinating world of our ancient, mesmerising, and very precious glaciers, while sharing knowledge about their present state, and their future.


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