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Slides on the Mountain

vimff fall series film slides on the mountain best mountain culture film

Talon and Riki, two brothers from the Lil’wat Nation, decide to ski Ts’zil and set off to learn the skills they need to ride the mountain safely.

The Draconians

VIMFF x The Draconians

Skiers, Sam Favret & Nikolaï Schirmer team up in Norway to find the best mountain lines.

Cross Tyrol

VIMFF x Cross Tyrol

The story of a 520km ski traverse through the mountainous Austrian state of Tyrol.

Drawn In

VIMFF x Drawn In

Jessa Gilbert examines the parallels found within both creative acts while splitboarding in Antarctica and creating a painting directly from that experience.

Finding An Edge

VIMFF x Finding An Edge

A group of injured Royal Marines embark on a life-changing challenge – learning to ski in Chamonix.


VIMFF x Darkhorse

An observational documentary of one of the most accomplished backcountry riders you’ve never heard of.


VIMFF x Lexicon

A celebration of the universal language of skiing as a catalyst for human connection.

Mountain Turks

VIMFF x Mountain Turks

An avid mountaineer, turns his idea of building backcountry huts out of water tanks into New Zealand’s first ski traverse.


VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Resilient

A pioneer of adaptive skiing sets out to ski Lanín volcano from the summit.

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