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Bravo Marcel – The Century Climber

22 mins |
Switzerland |
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Culture
Hannes Tell
| SUBTITLES: English


Learning how to skateboard at 90 years of age, still climbing a 450m multi pitch at 95, still lead climbing at nearly 100 years of age. Those incredible feats of Marcel Remy seem as inspiring as they can be daunting for everyone who might be afraid of aging. Narrated by Claude Remy, our uncanny superhero Marcel, takes us along in a slow but steady pace film as we can witness what effect this stone old climber has on his environment and peers. Being the father of the infamous Remy Brothers who are true legends on their own for establishing hallmark first ascents in climbing, we start to understand how their character (and lastly modern sport climbing alike) was shaped by necessity and tenacity.

We are meeting Marcel’s friends along the way to learn about how he affected their lives, like 84 year old mountain guide George Payot and befriended Nini Grangier with Swiss climbing legend François Nicole. After successfully climbing a lead route on his 99th birthday, celebrated by all his close friends, he even accomplishes a meeting of the superlatives: Marcel Remy and Adam Ondra meet for a historic climb together. As we see the oldest and the strongest climber celebrating together, an ascent that should become known as his Marcel’s last one.

Climb in Peace, Marcel.

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vimff bravo marcel the century climber hannes tell director

Hannes Tell

1986 – Born in Berlin (GER)
2006 – Started self-taught photography
2010 – Started grass roots movements in Berlin neighborhoods, worked as climate scientist 2012 – Graduated in theoretical physics, started (but abandoned Ph.D.)
2014 – Dropped out of science, started as a full time photographer
2016 – Started film making
2021 – became film producer with Mammut (CH)

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