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Private Freefall

Canadian Premiere
11 mins |
United Kingdom |
  • Adventure
  • Mountain Sports
Roberto Colombo
LANGUAGE(S): English


After two long days of climbing deep in the western cape mountains of South Africa, Andrew Court, along with Teodor Iliev and Charlie Standing, top out of the 550m Slanghoek amphitheater. When it instantly dawns on him, that he has found the perfect location for his long lived dream of building a mega freefall. In front of him lies an amphitheater hosting a perfect V-shaped chasm, which gets Andy’s gears turning and sets in motion the planning of this project.

Private Freefall is the journey of discovery and creation of a dream amongst a rag tag team of friends assembled by Andy. After multiple recce’s and two days of rigging, all that is left is to jump…

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This film was part of VIMFF 2023, VIMFF 2023 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.


vimff private freefall roberto colombo director

Roberto Colombo

Roberto Colombo is a South African director, who began his passion by documenting subjects and friends around shared interests, such as surfing and mountain activities. Cape Town, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain, was the perfect setting to inspire a young filmmaker. This gradually evolved into the commercial and fashion space, taking him to London, where he is currently based. Here he has experimented with all aspects of filmmaking, creating work for Nike, Versace, Fenty, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Bantu Wax. Outside of his commercial work, he hopes to focus more of his energy towards short form films, documenting and telling people’s stories.

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