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One Step Ahead

North American Premiere
9 mins |
Austria |
  • Snowsports
Flo Gassner, Paul Schweller
| SUBTITLES: English


Dreams become visions and a plan transforms that dream into a goal. But how do you get started and leave your comfort zone?

After long months of being at a stand still, the Mountain Tribe Crew had a big goal. They built a long term plan towards it. How can you reach your goal and what do you need to learn? Which capabilities do you need to amp it up?

With a ski guide joining the crew in the Tyrolean Alps, it quickly turned out that besides a range of alpine techniques, the specific personalities and the interaction between the crew would be their biggest challenge. Alpinistic progression also meant turning away from the easy thrill of pow laps in the ski resort while aiming for new paths and some uncertainty if they wanted to reach the summit. Learning something opens up new perspectives, things which seemed impossible suddenly seem within reach. But is that a sufficient motivation?

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This film was part of VIMFF 2022, VIMFF 2022 Tour and is no longer available for viewing.




vimff one step ahead flo gassner director

Flo Gassner

Flo Gassner is an upcoming freerider, filmmaker and photographer. Born in 1998 in Munich, his father taught him how to ski at the age of two. Skiing has been a big part of his childhood; a few years of ski racing and always skiing off piste whenever fresh snow arrived. He spent his grade 10 year at a Canadian highschool in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, where he lived with a host family, competed in his first freeride competition and bought his first camera to capture this adventure. Here they met, the two passions that formed Flo since 2014. Back home he continues to compete in freeride competitions where he got to know other young freeriders over the years. As one thing led to another, he produced his first ski movie “HOME STORIES” in 2018 and “Calm after the Storm” in 2019 with his group of friends called “Mountain Tribe”.

vimff one step ahead paul schweller director

Paul Schweller

Paul Schweller is a 20-year-old filmmaker from Munich. He found his passion for filmmaking already back in school. After school, he was the cinematographer for the film company moviejam. Together they produced four long documentaries about several topics like mental health and values in the society. In 2017, he met Flo Gassner who became the producer and co-director of Paul in three freeride ski movies. Their latest ski film “Metanoia” was selected by various film festivals around the world and won three awards to date eg. “Best film in Snow Sports” at Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival 2020.

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