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VIMFF Fall Series Bike Show Repurposed


7 mins |
Canada |
  • Biking
  • Canadian
Pierre-Luc Arseneau
LANGUAGE(S): English


British Columbia’s vast network of forest service roads is now seeing a growing number of gravel cyclists using them for recreation and adventure. Through this network of roads, riders are now able to access places that were previously thought to be unattainable.

In the face of climate change, the need to make tourism and recreation more sustainable has never been more pressing to the local community in BC. Repurposed is a short film that takes a closer look at the discipline of gravel riding, what it means to the community, and how it is transforming the way these logging roads are used to interact with the land.

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This film was part of Fall Series 2022 and is no longer available for viewing.



vimff repurposed director pierre luc arseneau

Pierre-Luc Arseneau

Pierre-Luc is a French Acadian filmmaker from New Brunswick, Canada that focuses on capturing beautiful moving images that speak to himself and others.


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