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Sixty Seconds

19 mins |
Canada |
Lara Shea
LANGUAGE(S): English


Tyler Turner is forced to redefine his identity after surviving a skydiving accident. His reality transitions from simplicity and a flow-focused experiential lifestyle, to survival and a wholesale healing process.

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Jury Quote

Sixty Seconds tells us a real and painful story of recovering from a traumatic injury: in an accident during a skydive, Tyler Turner became a bilateral amputee.

The film shows failure and progress, darkness and light. It depicts Tyler’s new reality in a very honest way. It walks us through his physical and mental suffering, follows the struggle to accept his new identity, to regain personal independence and to find again passion and purpose in life.

The debutante director Lara Shea proved a big talent and great intuition on how to translate the compassion and understanding she had for Tyler into a subtle, moving, universal and visually compelling film.

— Kasia Biernacka



vimff sixty seconds lara shea director

Lara Shea

Sixty Seconds is Lara’s first directorial credit. Lara has relied on intuition in order to bring her latest film to life on the screen. She has previously worked as a portrait photographer and has had her hand in a wide range of film work such as: music videos, promotional campaigns and commercial work.

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