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Ben Haggar

Ben is a highly accomplished award winning adventure photographer, writer, filmmaker, and polar guide who deeply loves wild places. Whether it be pioneering singletrack mountain bike routes in Greenland, climbing peaks in Garibaldi Park, or exploring the cultural side of cold water surfing, Ben strives to tell engaging, original stories with a focus on adventure and environmental stewardship.

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This speaker was part of VIMFF 2023 which is now over.


Art & (mis)Adventures: Adventure Photography Workshop

Great photographs evoke emotion and few disciplines embody this more than adventure photography. In this engaging and interactive workshop we’ll take a deep dive beyond the snapshot into the adventure photography process from planning and executing iconic images close to home to the challenges and joys of shooting in remote locales like Antarctica, Greenland and Africa, as well as how to shoot a solo expedition. We’ll use some of my favourite images as case studies and learn from my mistakes and successes shooting assignments on all 7 continents and travels in over 50 countries.

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