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Megan Eastwood

Megan started climbing in the UK in the 90s where her trail running started as a “last person back buys a round at the pub” and she has been fell running (as its called in UK)/trail running ever since. Back then there weren’t many official races, and virtually no women doing these activities. She has been running, climbing, skiing, camping (winter & summer) & kayaking, ever since.

She is also a:
• Certified Wilderness First Responder
• Ski Patrol volunteer
• AdventureSmart educator
• Scout Leader (15 years)
• Volunteer Victim for first responder education courses.

Megan loves the outdoors and fully appreciates the physical & mental health benefits of being outdoors, but is also very aware that the ultimate destination for every trip is back home safely.

Now semi retired, Megan founded EMELEE Outdoors with her friend Lara. They began selling 10 Essentials Kits and providing free Survive Outside education as a way to take the years of knowledge (some learned the hard way) and give back to the community, by building small/lightweight 10 Essentials Kits (so no excuse to leave it at home) and providing free education on how to survive outside until help arrives.

Speaking at

This speaker was part of VIMFF 2023 which is now over.


Survive Outside

Did you know that most SAR rescues are of regular people on regular trails? You don’t need to be hanging off the side of a mountain or miles into the backcountry to need rescue. The most common reason for rescues are trips & falls on commonly used trails.

Did you know it usually takes SAR 3 hours to get to you (yes even a couple of kms from the trailhead) and the average is 8 hours. Could you stay warm enough for min 3 hours/average 8 hours with what you are wearing/carrying?

This survive outside workshop covers the basic AdventureSmart curriculum of the 3Ts. Trip planning/Training/Taking the essentials. Plus tips on:

• How to build a quick & easy shelter with 300 grams of equipment
• How to make your cell phone last longer in the backcountry
• How to make yourself heard/seen easier by the rescuers
• Questions to ask yourself about the trip/group you are heading out with, to try and prevent needing a rescue
• Do you know where to find wood to start a fire in a wet forest?
• Do you know how to find your coordinates on your cell phone?


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