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liv sansoz vimff 2019 headshot

Liv Sansoz

Liv Sansoz will bring you behind the scenes on her ambitious project to summit all 82 mountains above 4000m in the European Alps. Once at the summit, Liv would descend with her ski’s or paraglider if the weather and the mountain allowed. How does it feel to spend the night on a perched bivouak, high above the glacier? Experience the stress and anticipation before taking off from the summit with your wing. How did Liv prepare physically and mentally to climb, ski and fly off all these peaks ?

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bradford mcarthur photo workshop vimff 2019 headshot

Bradford McArthur

How do you carry enough camera gear, keep up with professional athletes, be in the right spot at the right time, and shoot in the worst of conditions? It takes a lot of defeat and learning the hard way is the answer. Skip the trial and error and join Bradford Pope McArthur for his "Shooting When the Environment is Against You" presentation. Originally created and presented to National Geographic on how to capture the best images when the light is wrong, athletes are wicked fast and the weather is crushing you.

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brendan leonard vimff 2019 headshot square

Brendan Leonard

Filmmaker and writer Brendan Leonard never considered himself a runner, and definitely not an ultrarunner. But a few years ago, he entered his first race, and found that ultramarathons have a lot in common with work—which he’s no stranger to. In 2017, he entered his first 100-mile race along with his friend Jayson Sime, and their experience became the film How to Run 100 Miles.

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brette harrington vimff 2019 featured headshot

Brette Harrington

In the summer of 2018, after the passing of her partner Marc-André Leclerc, Brette Harrington returned to Alaska where she made a collective six first ascents on the Juneau Ice Field. Brette will explore the themes of finding inspiration and solace in the mountains while recounting the the different climbs she made throughout the season. To conclude her trip, her final ascent was one of great accomplishment by making the first ascent of the west face of Devils Paw, 1300m.

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chris burkard headshot vimff 2019 square

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard will take the stage to share for the first time some of his greatest lessons he has gained from behind the lens.. from being thrown in a Russian jail cell to swimming in near freezing water these stories will be more than just pieces of advice for his fellow photographers, but wisdom that he says can only be learned the Hard Way. Chris has spent over a decade of his career traveling to some of the most remote parts of the globe seeking out some of the last wild places and this slideshow will take you there. 

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beyond climate vimff 2019 david suzuki headshot copy

David Suzuki

Dr. David Suzuki is a world-renowned scientist, broadcaster, author, activist and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation. He is best known as the host of The Nature of Things – a landmark television series with over 50 seasons, the longest running on CBC – and Suzuki has been host since 1979. David has written or co-authored more than 50 books, nearly 20 of which are for children.

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beyond climate vimff 2019 ian mauro headshot copy

Ian Mauro

Dr. Ian Mauro is the Principal of the Richardson College for the Environment, Co-Director of the Prairie Climate Centre and filmmaker at the University of Winnipeg. He is a former Canada Research Chair, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, and has served on expert panels related to food security, energy issues, and climate change.

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VIMFF 2019 Mountain Biking the Annapurna Circuit

Elladee Brown, Kelli Sherbinin, Jaime Hill & Leslie Kehmeier

Mountain Biking The Annapurna Circuit - Bikepacking the World’s Biggest Pass is a story about four adventurous women (Elladee Brown, Kelli Sherbinin, Jaime Hill, & Leslie Kehmeier) who tackle the Annapurna Circuit, one of the world’s most iconic and challenging long-distance trails by mountain bike. During their 10-day journey of 230km, crossing over the Thorlung La at 17,769 feet, they connect with what riding has always meant to them - the mountains, the experience, the challenge, and the people.

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protect our winters mike douglas anna segal

Mike Douglas & Anna Segal

After witnessing the affects of climate change first hand in their travel around the mountain ranges of the world, Mike Douglas and Anna Segal decided to become members of Protect Our Winters - a US-based climate advocacy group founded by pro-snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007. Through their efforts in 2018, Protect Our Winters is now up and running in Canada with a mandate of uniting the outdoor community and empowering youth to demand action on climate change.

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sasha di giulian vimff 2019

Sasha DiGiulian

This last summer, Sasha DiGiulian set out to accomplish the Canadian Trilogy; a series of three 5.14 big walls in the Canadian Rockies. First established by Sonnie Trotter, DiGiulian became the second person in history to accomplish this feat. For the first time since, DiGiulian will uncover some never-before seen video footage from the upcoming film, as well as tell her journey along the way.

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dean leslie vimff 2019 18 featured

Dean Leslie

South African filmmaker Dean Leslie might not be a household name, but chances are you’ve seen his work. He is probably most well-known for establishing the online short film series, Salomon Running TV (now Salomon TV), with French outdoor brand, Salomon. His work has taken him to every continent, chasing down the world’s foremost endurance athletes and documenting the ways in which we interact with some of the world’s most stunning landscapes.

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8000 vimff2019 2 featured



In July 2016, the paraglider Antoine Girard set off on a three-week hike-and-fly tour to explore the Karakorum mountains in Pakistan— alone. His hope is that the upwinds will carry him and his chute to the summit of Broad Peaok - or higher.


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AscendingAfghanistan vimff 2019 featured

Ascending Afghanistan: Women Rising


A film following the first female Afghan mountaineering team as they navigate their first expedition and fight for recognition as athletes amongst their country, culture and families.


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beyond climate film vimff 2019 featured

Beyond Climate

Narrated by David Suzuki, Beyond Climate explores the human and environmental impacts of climate change in British Columbia, and is a timely contribution to the province and country as we grapple with climate change, the paramount issue of our time.

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blood moon vimff 2019 featured

Blood Moon

The film follows Robbie Phillips, Calum Cunningham and Alan Carne as they attempt to open a new climb, ground up, on a 700m Big Wall called Tsaranoro Atsimo in Madagascar.

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boy nomad vimff 2019 featuredy

Boy Nomad

BOY NOMAD follows a year in the life of 9-year old Janibek, who lives with his family in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains.  His first love is racing horses, but this winter he faces the toughest journey in a nomad’s life: the winter migration.

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chasing monsters vimff 2019 featured

Chasing Monsters

Australian storm-chasing photographer Nick Moir ventures through Tornado Alley in the American Midwest.

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craigs reaction vimff 2019 featured

Craig’s Reaction


Since a 100 foot fall in 2002 that took his right leg and left him with multiple spinal injuries, Colorado climber Craig DeMartino has led one hell of a life, including lauded First Disabled and In-A-Day Ascents on El Capitan. But it's his day-to-day story that really makes an impact.

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derrik pottle vimff 2019 featured

Derrick Pottle, Keeper Of The Flame

"Derrick Pottle, Keeper of the Flame" looks at the cultural and emotional impact of climate change on remote Inuit communities through the eyes of Derrick Pottle, a respected elder of the Nunatsiavut Inuit Community in Labrador.

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divided vimff 2019 1featured


Lee Craigie and Rickie Cotter self filmed while riding the Tour Divide, a 2745 mile self-supported mountain bike race from Canada to the Mexican border. It didn't go according to plan. None of the best adventures do.

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mike hopkins vimff 2019 12 featured 1

Dreamride 3

DreamRide 3 is the final chapter in a series that has taken audiences to some of the wildest environments on Earth.  Combining a Dr.Suess inspired narrative, mind blowing natural landscapes, and one dreamer on a mountain bike, this film will take you on an adventure like no other.

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Echoes Across Seymour vimff 2019 FEATURED

Echoes Across Seymour

Outdoorsman Alex Douglas has spent the past 40 years single handedly preserving the disappearing memory of the pioneers of Mt.Seymour, hoping to inspire a new generation to appreciate the mountain he calls home.

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between the lines vimff 2019 featured

Entre Les Lignes / Between The Lines

Between the lines explores the vision of Vivian Bruchez as he finds new ski descents to be opened in the Mont Blanc range.

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feel of vision vimff 2019 FEATURED

Feel of Vision


Lonnie Bedwell, a former Navy Petty Officer turned extreme adventure athlete, became the first blind person to ever whitewater kayak the entire length of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a solo kayak.

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aziza vimff 2019 featured


Set in the streets of Bou Tharar and the wide, craggy valleys of the lower Atlas mountains of Morocco, ‘Aziza’ is the story of a young woman who has thrived in the world of ultra-racing.

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big world vimff 2019 featured

Big World

As parents, how do we teach our kids that there is a world beyond social media, standardized tests and soccer practice? Join Eddie Bauer athlete David Morton and his seven-year-old son Thorne on a week-long SUP journey down the Karnali and Bheri Rivers in Western Nepal.

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children of the columbia vimff 2019 4 blakejorgenson featured

Children Of The Columbia

Join big mountain skiers Dane Tudor and Christina Lustenberger as they travel up the waterway that shaped them, the mighty Columbia, home to some of the best skiing in the world.

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for the love of mary vimff 2019 FEATURED

For The Love Of Mary

At 97, George Etzweiler competes every year in the 7.6-mile race up the Northeast US' highest peak, always wearing his lucky green running shorts. He carries something else special with him: the memory of his wife of 68 years, Mary.

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focus vimff 2019 FEATURED


In 2011 Steve Bate was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a severe form of tunnel vision that is slowly robbing him of his sight. The film follows Steve as he participates in the Rovaniemi 150, a gruelling self-supported fat bike race through the Arctic tundra of Finnish Lapland.

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grizzly country vimff 2019 FEATURED

Grizzly Country

With the protection of Yellowstone grizzlies under threat, Doug Peacock reflects on the importance of habitat and why he continues to fight for wild causes.

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hike the line vimff 2019 FEATURED

Hike The Line

Long-distance backpackers, Tenny Ostrem and Claire Wernstedt-Lynch, attempt the first ever 2,000-mile thru-hike of the U.S.-Mexico border, gaining a unique perspective on our borderlands while enduring the most difficult adventure of their lives.

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hood to trail vimff 2019 featured

Hood To Trail

15 crew runners from London, Rotterdam and Copenhagen came together in the French Alps to try trail running for the first time.

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brendan leonard vimff 2019 featured 1

How To Run 100 Miles

The odds were stacked against Jayson Sime early in life: poverty, homelessness, dyslexia, bullying. But he fought his way to a successful career as a political organizer. In 2017, he entered his first 100-mile race, betting on his resilience to get him through.

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ice and palms vimff 2019 1

Ice & Palms


Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck start their biggest and most extraordinary ski tour so far. The mission: Bikepacking across the alps and skiing some iconic mountains along the way - no motor allowed!

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1 In The Shadows of Everest vimff 2019 4 1

In The Shadows Of Everest

Pemba Sherpa and Tenzing Gyalzen Sherpa are professional climbers who are becoming leaders in their community, following in the footsteps of Conrad Anker and Jenni Lowe-Anker who founded the Khumbu Climbing Centre in their village of Phortse, Nepal.

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into the starlight vimff 2019 featured

In The Starlight

In the Starlight is an intimate portrait of the outdoor Canadian photographer Paul Zizka. Before leaving for new astrophotography expeditions to Greenland and Namibia, Paul tries to balance family, travel and work as one of his biggest challenges.

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inside the indus vimff 2019 FEATURED

Inside The Indus – A Pakistani Odyssey

A kayak expedition down the fabled Rondu Gorge in northern Pakistan.

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La Congenilità vimff 2019 1

La Congenilità – The Attitude of Gratitude

Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are an odd pair. As the team heads for Kanchenjunga to attempt the highest traverse across 8000-meter peaks, their roles begin to shift.

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inwards vimff 2019 1 1


70 year old german climbing pioneer Bernd Arnold bridges between success in climbing and inner experiences. From the roots of childhood to distant mountain regions and friendship he draws a line back home to present days.

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just anna vimff 2019 featured

Just Anna

In an era where searching out and developing new routes seems out of vogue: all is not lost as we meet Anna Taylor. This remarkable 20 year old is bucking all the tends with stunning new sport routes and bold traditional lines.

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lessons from the edge vimff 2019 featured

Lessons From The Edge

South African ultra-runners, Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel push themselves right the very edge to run Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail in the fastest known time.

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in the valley of wild horses vimff 2019 featured

In The Valley Of Wild Horses

Every summer in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, the community of Xeni Gwet'in travels 200-km by horse and wagon from their home in Nemiah Valley to the famous Williams Lake stampede.

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blood on the crack vimff 2019 featured

Blood On The Crack

Climbers Kevin Jorgeson and Jacob Cook head to the Bugaboos to attempt the second ascent of the Tom Egan Memorial Route, which contains one of the hardest crack climbs in the world.

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liv sansoz vimff 2019 headshot 1

Liv Along The Way

In March 2017, former World Champion sport climber Liv Sansoz, set out to climb all 82 4000m peaks in the European Alps in a single year. As she’s learned several times throughout her life, things don’t always go as planned.

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my dear kyrgyzstan vimff 2019 featured 2

My Dear Kyrgyzstan

A Kyrgyz man takes it upon himself to transform his abandoned Soviet mining village into an international tourism destination.

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perspectives india vimff 2019 featured

Perspectives: India

As an artist and professional mountain biker, Micayla Gatto finds inspiration in her surroundings, be it at home in British Columbia, Canada or somewhere as distant as India.

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notes from the wall vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Notes From The Wall

19 days on a 1200-meter-high vertical wall in Torres del Paine, Patagonia. An honest and profound story of an ascent spiced up by rough weather conditions, technical climbing and live music.

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ode to muir vimff 2019 featured 1

Ode To Muir

Teton Gravity's newest film Ode To Muir pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into California’s John Muir Wilderness.

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ramsays round vimff 2019 FEATURED

Ramsay’s Round

US based ultra-marathon runner Alicia Hudelson embarks upon one of Scotland’s toughest long-distance challenges - 24 Scottish mountains including the UK’s highest peak, 28000 feet of ascent, all in under 24 hours.

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ben haggar vimff 2019 featured

Shapeless Fulfillment

Adventure Photographer and Polar Guide Ben Haggar embarks on a solo Bikepacking mission in western Greenland on a route never before attempted on two wheels. Battling rough terrain, loneliness, trench foot, and extreme weather, Ben finds solace on the barren tundra and his mountain bike.

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rj ripper vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

RJ Ripper

Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a typical breeding ground for world-class mountain bikers, but then again nothing is typical about Rajesh (RJ) Magar.

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Safety to Nome 2 vimff FEATURED

Safety To Nome

Twenty-six ultra endurance athletes embark on a 1000-mile human powered race across Alaska on the Iditarod Trail, where being prepared - for anything - is the only way to guarantee your safety. Or your survival.

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She is the ocean vimff 2019 featured

She Is The Ocean

An in-depth exploration into the lives of nine astonishing women from all four corners of the globe. These inspiring women share one love – the deep love for the Ocean.

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ski photographer vimff 2019 featured

Ski Photographer

Drawn to the mountains in search of the ski bum lifestyle, Oskar Enander had no intention of ever becoming a photographer. Today, Oskar's iconic and unique perspective is highly sought after in the ski world.

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sound water vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Sound Water

From the Headwaters of the Elaho River, down the Squamish and into Howe Sound -- Sound Water is a film that questions our pursuit for adventure, our relationship with nature and with ourselves.

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spectre vimff 2019 featured


Unsupported, using snow-kites to travel great distance, with massive loads at speeds up to 60 kmph this is the tale of Leo Houlding’s daring dream to reach the summit of the most remote mountain on Earth; The Spectre, Antarctica.

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Spirit of Jaguar vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Spirit of Jaguar

Crossing of the mysterious Sierra Maigualida Mountains leads to the Indian Hodi Tribe, living in harmony with nature.

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surfer dan vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Surfer Dan


In a time when it can feel like you need to fly to the opposite side of the globe to find adventure and challenge. Surfer Dan proves that with dedication, grit and a little creativity you might already have all you need outside you own backdoor.

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surviving the outback vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

Surviving The Outback

Could you survive alone across hundreds of kilometres of remote outback for a whole month, trekking and sailing on a makeshift raft, with nothing but a time capsule of antique stuff from 1932? Mike wasn’t sure he could pull it off either!

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the AO vimff 2019 FEATURED

The A.O.

Adam Ondra is one of the most successful and versatile climbers of our time. His strong, lean body seems to effortlessly transcend gravity. We find out more about the forces that drive this climbing talent to new heights in The A.O.

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TheBeaverBelievers vimff 2019 FEATURED

The Beaver Believers

Sometimes the best solutions to the biggest problems can be found in the most unlikely of places. Meet the beaver believers: five scientists and a hairdresser, tackling climate change, one stick at a time.

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the frenchy vimff 2019 featured

The Frenchy

Jaques Houot, 82, may just have found the fountain of youth. The Carbondale, Colorado-based French ski racer, downhill mountain biker, road cyclist and incorrigible flirt is the embodiment of joi de vivre.

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the lorax project vimff 2019 FEATURED

The Lorax Project


Six friends embark on a determined quest to climb, and then BASE jump 'The Lorax', a formidable climb on Frenchman's Cap in remote western Tasmania.

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the middle way vimff 2019 FEATURED 2

The Middle Way

On July 26, Joe Grant set off from his home in Gold Hill, Colorado to attempt to summit all 57 of Colorado's 14000ft summits. Self-powered and self-supported Joe took just over 31 days to bike and run to all the summits, ascending over 100000ft during the runs and cycling over 1400 miles.

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the serengeti rules vimff featured

The Serengeti Rules


Exploring some of the most remote and spectacular places on Earth, five pioneering scientists make surprising discoveries that flip our understanding of nature on its head, and offer new hope for restoring our world.

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the undamaged vimff 2019 featured

The Undamaged

Hydroelectric dams are threatening the last wild rivers of Europe. A crew of whitewater kayakers decided stand up for the rivers, traveling from Albania to Slovenia, kayaking 23 rivers in 6 countries paddling, protesting and sharing the secret, free-flowing rivers of the Balkans.

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cerro kishtwar vimff 2019 featured

Cerro Kishtwar – An Ice Cold Story

Stephan Siegrist, Thomas Huber and Julian Zanker attempt a new line on Cerro Kishtwar. The plan was to climb alpine style but the difficulties were harder than expected, let's just say things didn't go exactly according to plan.

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tierra del viento vimff 2019 featured

Tierra Del Viento

Patagonia; further South than most people ever dare to venture there's a land of endless distance and beauty. When photographer Eliseo Miciu explores and shoots this mythical place, he also learns more about himself.

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treeline vimff 2019 FEATURED



TREELINE is about our oldest living companions on earth: trees. The film brings extraordinary forests in British Columbia, Japan and Nevada "to life" through cinematic exploration of playful, yet powerful experience of gliding through each forest on snow.

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trembling mountain vimff 2019 featured

Trembling Mountain

The film, in showing the impact of the great earthquake of 2015 and the response of a paradise-like mountain community in the Himalaya, reveals change and the deep fractures, in lifestyle and identity, affecting the community.

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WayOfTheHunter vimff 2019 featured

Way Of The Hunter

Deep in the Great Bear Rainforest, against the backdrop of British Columbia’s breathtaking wilderness, a former hunter comes to terms with his past and looks with hope towards the future.

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were going where vimff 2019 2 1

We’re Going Where?

A backcountry mountain bike journey up to the mighty Ausangate glacier in the Andes mountain range.

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wolfpack vimff 2019 FEATURED


The Braford-Lefebvre family chose to live in Silverton, Colorado in order to raise their family wild. Through hard times and the best ones, running is their tool for experiencing life together.

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women are mountains vimff 2019 FEATURED

Women Are Mountains

Women are Mountains is a short documentary film that portrays the lives of climbers Mônica Filipini and Danielle Pinto in the quiet city of São Bento do Sapucai, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. At the same time as they are responsible for their children and domestic affairs, they are able to enjoy their great passion: the mountains.

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zabardast vimff 2019 FEATURED



The intimate travel diary of an incredible freeride expedition into the heart of the Karakoram range. The search for one of the most beautiful mountains to ski on the planet, standing at 5880m. A meeting point of Freeriding and Mountaineering. A true adventure.

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choose your own adventure vimff 2019 featured

A Social Backcountry

As the population Southwest BC booms, and interest in backcountry travel is at an all-time high, tensions in the outdoor community are inevitable.

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anba vimff 2019 featured

Anba – In The Depths Of Haiti

Olivier Testa has been exploring the caves of Haiti since 2009, leading expeditions, training, and exploratory projects across the country. Baraka Flims sketches a colourful and rythmic portrait of the Pearl of the Antilles.

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Climbing Towards an olympic Dream vimff featured

Climbing Towards an Olympic Dream

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Sport Climbing will be included for the first time. There will be only 20 spots available per gender globally. Competitive rockclimber Tiffany Melius’ goal is to be one of those women.

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