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Only A Ride

VIMFF FS Film x Only a Ride

Raising awareness for mental health, Anthony Boussetta is preparing for a new goal; a route of 10 mountains that has never been attempted before.

Ready Or Not

VIMFF FS Film x Ready or Not

What started as a fun way to get biker Steve Vanderhoek back out after an injury in 2022, quickly turned into a passion project for this husband and wife team.

The Slow Lane

VIMFF FS Film x The Slow Lane

Since 1990, these two incredible cyclists have accumulated close to 170 000 kms. This film takes us back to the start of their story, retracing their worldly adventures.

Racing for the Next 7

VIMFF FS Film x Racing for the Next

Indigenous Women Outdoors prepares for an enduro race but they aren’t racing for themselves. They are thinking of the next seven generations coming after them.

Two Tone

VIMFF FS Film x Two Tone

A visual cycling experiment with two riders in different off-season conditions with the only solution being to adapt.

Shaped By Wild

VIMFF FS Film x Shaped by Wild

Explore BC’s Coast Mountains through the eyes of those who have chosen to live amongst its mountains, forests, and ocean.

Kings of the North

VIMFF FS Film x Kings of the North

Kings of the North is a story about one man and his best friend on the hunt for one of the greatest northern stories.

Kid Rock

VIMFF FS Film x Kid Rock

Full of nostalgia and charm, Kid Rock is an exposé of a young black man, Tadros Eyob’s journey into rock climbing in BC.

Slides on the Mountain

VIMFF FS Film x Slides on the Mountain

Talon and Riki, two brothers from the Lil’wat Nation, decide to ski Ts’zil and set off to learn the skills they need to ride the mountain safely.

The Pass

VIMFF FS Film x The Pass

Rogers Pass represents one of the most complicated avalanche programs in the world. The stakes are higher than most skiers could ever imagine.

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