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Old Mountain

VIMFF x Old Mountain

A 74-year-old man with his dog, Messy, enjoys their wonderful skiing life in the snow-covered mountains.


vimff silvicola best environmental film

A film about the complex web of cultural and economic forces which compel and constrain modern forestry practices.

Watchers of the Land

VIMFF x Watchers of the Land

The Ni Hat’ni Dene Guardians are preserving a new national park reserve not only for future generations here – but also for the world.

A Bear’s Necessities

VIMFF Films x VIMFF x A Bear's Necessities

One scientist’s decades-long mission to understand the secrets of black bear dens.

Losing Blue

VIMFF Films x VIMFF x Losing Blue

A cinematic poem about what it means to lose the otherworldly blues of ancient mountain lakes, now fading due to climate change.

Salmon Secrets

VIMFF x Salmon Secrets

Their culture thrived here for millennia but all this and more are being threatened by open net-pen salmon farms.

Only A Ride

VIMFF FS Film x Only a Ride

Raising awareness for mental health, Anthony Boussetta is preparing for a new goal; a route of 10 mountains that has never been attempted before.

Ready Or Not

VIMFF FS Film x Ready or Not

What started as a fun way to get biker Steve Vanderhoek back out after an injury in 2022, quickly turned into a passion project for this husband and wife team.

The Slow Lane

VIMFF FS Film x The Slow Lane

Since 1990, these two incredible cyclists have accumulated close to 170 000 kms. This film takes us back to the start of their story, retracing their worldly adventures.

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