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Follow Through

A ski mountaineer realizes her dream to ski Utah’s most difficult lines.

People have opinions about skier Caroline Gleich: Inspirational. Gumby. Social media star. Role model. Model masquerading as a mountaineer. At sixteen, she stumbled upon a copy of the cult classic guidebook The Chuting Gallery. Irreverent and wonderfully arbitrary, the guidebook lays out a set of 90 ski mountaineering lines across Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. They were difficult and dangerous. When she first said out loud she wanted to ski them, she was met with laughter. “Maybe it was because I was five feet tall, or I was a little blonde girl, but I remember that clearly — and it didn’t feel good,” says Gleich. After a decade building her skills, Gleich set out to complete her vision and become the skier she dreamt of being. ‘Follow Through’ is a story of loss, belonging and desire for respect. In this age of hyperconnectivity, which voices do we choose to hear and which do we ignore?

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Directors: Adam Clark & Isaiah Branch-Boyle

Adam has seventeen years of directing different camera’s around the globe but calls Salt Lake City, Utah, home. He is currently working on skiing the seven continents and is always working to spend as much time behind the camera as possible. He’s a ski bum at heart (actually mostly still just a ski bum) and is happiest while shooting family photos with his partner Annastasia and their new puppy, Theo.

Isaiah hails from Durango, Colorado, and lives full time in the Pacific Northwest. He is a Director / Editor at Duct Tape Then Beer and spends his time outside of the edit cave hoofing it around the mountains and filming his heart out.


Production Company: Duct Tape Then Beer
Executive Producers: Anya Miller and Becca Cahall
Producers: Caroline Gleich and Adam Clark
Directors: Adam Clark and Isaiah Branch-Boyle
Writers: Isaiah Branch-Boyle and Fitz Cahall
Editor: Isaiah Branch-Boyle
Art Director: Anya Miller
Animation: Mario Quintana
Original Score: Cleod9 Music (performed by Ian McLeod, Peter Mulcahy & Matt Sedivy)


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