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VIMFF x Moyo jury special mention


Jury Special Mention
14 mins |
Tanzania |
  • Climbing
  • Mountain Culture
Henry Kamara
LANGUAGE(S): Swahili
| SUBTITLES: English


“Moyo” is a raw and poetic portrait of the children that call the Jipe Moyo and Musoma home. Painting a playful and colourful picture of the people and culture – the film highlights the rhythm of this special region of Tanzania. Surrounded by exotic wildlife and extraordinary landscapes, the people of Musoma have achieved a distinct harmony with the environment around them which flows through everything.

The Jipe Moyo centre is loved and supported by all of the community – their mission is simple, to give every child the foundation they need to build the life they deserve. Boulders and rocks are scattered all over the town, overlooking the homes and shops – in backyards, on mountain tops and on the edges of lakes and ponds. “They form the foundations of our houses, dry the fish we eat”, you could say, the rocks support the very way of life in Musoma.

Despite difficult beginnings, with the help of the sisters, the children have alchemised their hardship into bravery and now stand unfazed in the face of any challenge. Their strength is perhaps best demonstrated by their ability to and love of climbing.

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