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Way Of The Hunter

Director: Robert Moberg
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 16 min

In the Great Bear Rainforest, on the rugged coast of British Columbia, two men in a zodiac drift quietly by a sleeping grizzly bear, hunkered down on the nearby river bank.A former hunter who ultimately traded his gun for a camera, filmmaker Robert Moberg retraces his evolving relationship with the natural world in Way of the Hunter. Robert grew up on a small farm in rural Alberta, where hunting was a way of life. Money was scarce, and moose meat got him and his family through the long, cold winter. Sustenance hunting gave way to sport hunting in Robert’s adult life, a transition he grew more and more uneasy with. Turning away from the hunting lifestyle he’d always known, Robert took to the web to troll trophy hunters in increasingly hostile ways.As the toxicity of his actions began to catch up with him, Robert reached out to eco-wilderness guide Mike Willie of the Musgamakw Dzawada’enuxw First Nation. Mike had made national news in 2015 for convincing a sportsman to call off a long-awaited grizzly bear hunt. These two men from different cultures gradually develop a friendship, and on a wildlife-viewing trip deep into the rainforest, they discuss their love of the land and their hopes for a peaceful coexistence with all who live on it.