The VIMFF Summer Fest is back on June 22 at the Shipyards in North Vancouver!
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Fall Series 2021


Join us to celebrate mountain culture and support our vibrant community of outdoor filmmakers. We’ve got a captivating line-up of shows featuring 23 films that showcase stories about climate change, mental health, snowsports, climbing and mountain sports. This fall, we’re offering options to connect virtually or in-person in Vancouver, with COVID-19 safe venues.

The VIMFF Fall Series 2021 has ended.

We want to give a huge thanks to our outdoor community for supporting the festival. Please sign up to our community newsletter so that we can invite you to take part in upcoming events.

Benny Marr contemplates the ultimate form of self-expression.
The impending extinction of the Southern Resident killer whales sparks a stunning journey across the Pacific Northwest.
Follow world-record highliner Mia Noblet as she returns to her hometown of Nelson, BC.
This film showcases Emilie Pellerin, likely the best climber you've never heard of.
This film takes a look into how Sam Kuch has gone from a small town shredder to a ski industry superstar.
A freerider gets creative during the pandemic by skiing in his living room.
A story about three best friends having the most fun possible on their bikes.
Neil Williman and friends ride the most challenging faces around Innsbruck, accessing them through public transport.
Jérémie and his mountain partner seek to ski steep descents on the highest mountain ranges.
Jerome Mowat, a front-line paramedic, uses climbing as an escape during the global pandemic.
Two pro alpinists embark on a journey through Switzerland to climb the most iconic walls.
A 13 year old connects with a pro skier and climate advocate for advice about climate change, skiing & life.
A cinematic, high-caliber short film featuring the best shots from a full winter with pro skier Sam Kuch.
A short mountain bike film starring Jesse Melamed and the battle between his two states of mind.
A Hunkpapa Lakota skier must learn to be a better relative to the mountains he skis and the people who once called it home.
This short film explores the career and inspirations of backcountry skier, Tatum Monod.
This film is about a man failing upward on the long climb to reinvention and the pain he endures along the way.
Exploring the stories and past of Fortress Mountain, an iconic Alberta ski destination.
This story gives a profoundly intimate look at the Lowe-Anker family.
A professional skier opens up about navigating the mountains and valleys of mental health through the lens of ski touring.
A young surfer travels to a remote reef to challenge herself in one of Canada's most dangerous waves.
A film that offers humorous and insightful perspectives on the day-to-day work of big wall climbing.
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