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The Last Honey Hunter

Director: Ben Knight
Origin: Nepal
Year of Production: 2016
Duration: 36 min

The Last Honey Hunter documents one of the few remaining cultures to harvest the wild hallucinogenic honey from jungle cliffs deep in the remote valleys of eastern Nepal. The film follows Maule Dhan Kulung – the last man in Saadi who knows the ancient ways of the harvest – on his last trip to the cliffs. As a young man, he had a powerful dream in which forest spirits called Rangkemi granted him safe passage to collect the lucrative honey. Now he is in his late sixties, unable to continue the harvest – and no one else in Saadi has had the dream.

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Director: Ben Knight

Co-founder of Felt Soul Media, Ben dreamed of telling stories that actually made you feel something. For lack of a better word, he wanted to make films that didn’t suck. Since 2005 Felt Soul Media has made National Geographic’s 2015 Adventures of the Year list, and has won 46 film festival awards in ten years.