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Waters Of The Greenstone

Director: Simon Waterhouse
Origin: New Zealand
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 26 min

Through the lense of one of New Zealand’s most important cultural symbols – Pounamu – two women, Robyn and Hollie, attempt to tackle the World’s Oldest Adventure Race – The Kathmandu Coast to Coast. A recent battle with cancer has forced Robyn to readdress her life ambitions and set lofty goals of completing the 2 day classic event, meanwhile young-yet-experienced multi sporter Hollie decides to tackle the infamous ‘Longest Day’ for the first time. For one of these women, the challenge becomes bigger than she could have imagined.

Director: Simon Waterhouse

Simon Waterhouse is a Director, DOP and managing director of Resonate Ltd, based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Over the last 6 years Simon has built Resonate Ltd into an award winning commercial video production company, with a diverse client base and an eclectic mix of projects on the go. Despite running a busy production company, “Waters of the Greenstone” is Simon’s first proper adventure documentary film. Combining his passion for storytelling, New Zealand’s wilderness and the adventure opportunities on his doorstep, Simon has portrayed the South Island’s cultural heritage and underappreciated landscapes via the lense of two women competing in the iconic Kathmandu Coast to Coast adventure race.