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The VIMFF 2024 includes more than 70 thought-provoking and action-packed mountain films celebrating climbing, snowsports, biking, the environment and more. Pick your favourites and join us in-person in Vancouver or stream the films online, anywhere in the world.
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One pro skier’s miraculous recovery from a serious Traumatic Brain Injury has revolutionized TBI treatment worldwide.
Travel Vermont’s 300-mile Catamount Trail on skis and learn from brilliant minds along the way.
A spotlight on the experience of generations of women in skiing – from first descents to those just beginning.
Two Native bikers embark on a 200-mile prayer ride to the cemetery at Carlisle Indian Boarding School.
After the unexpected loss of pro skier Dave Treadway, mountain biking helps soothe the grief for Tessa and her son.
The story of creating a kayak course for local teenage girls in Futaleufú, Chile.
An action-packed, immersive visual journey of some of the world’s most spectacular mountain bike trails.
The story of a 520km ski traverse through the mountainous Austrian state of Tyrol.
Through an artistic and action-packed freeride film, Cycles portrays the four phases of the menstrual cycle.
An observational documentary of one of the most accomplished backcountry riders you’ve never heard of.
Three French mountaineers try to free climb and make the first winter ascent of this route in the Grandes Jorasses north face.
The Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program explores the powerful connection between mountain biking, reconciliation, and healing.
Jessa Gilbert examines the parallels found within both creative acts while splitboarding in Antarctica and creating a painting directly from that experience.
She’s learned the rapids. Now she learns to drive a 4,000lbs sweep down Idaho’s Salmon River.
A documentary capturing the life-altering odyssey of a young woman who defied oppression in Iran.
A documentary that follows four families in western Canada observing the wonder in children’s eyes as they explore nature.
A group of injured Royal Marines embark on a life-changing challenge - learning to ski in Chamonix.
Two neurodivergent, mountain biking brothers explore how riding helps them regulate their lives.
After noticing a lack of other plus-size women of color on trail, Anjelica creates the community she was looking for.
3 ICU nurses work, run, heal, and train for the Tour du Mont Blanc, a grueling 10-day tour of 112 miles.
A stunning visual narrative of an epic bike adventure from Guatemala to Peru, via Bolivia.
Documenting Anna Hazlett's journey to send Prinzip Hoffnung (E9/10, 8b/+) in Bürs, Austria.
See what it means to strive at the highest level in the world of competitive slalom skiing.
A celebration of the universal language of skiing as a catalyst for human connection.
A cinematic poem about what it means to lose the otherworldly blues of ancient mountain lakes, now fading due to climate change.
N.S. David sets off to Mexico with an ambitious goal: climb “El Sendero Luminoso.”
A climber aspires to become the first Cuban to conquer three legendary ascents.
An avid mountaineer, turns his idea of building backcountry huts out of water tanks into New Zealand’s first ski traverse.
A raw and poetic portrait of the children that call the Jipe Moyo and Musoma home in Tanzania.
In Zambia, a group of porters aspire to become safety kayakers on the threatened Zambezi river.
A 74-year-old man with his dog, Messy, enjoys their wonderful skiing life in the snow-covered mountains.
A man suffering from chronic pain finds solace in frigid waters.
Memphis Rox, an unlikely climbing gym in South Memphis is creating community and changing lives.
A group of indigenous youth become the first people to paddle a newly restored river.
Five young explorers get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ski across Antarctica to the South Pole.
In cooperation with the local community, one climber develops a new bouldering destination.
Forging her own path in action sports photography, Re has shifted the cultural perception of women athletes.
A breakout enduro mountain bike racer confronts her traumatic past through her return to competition.
A pioneer of adaptive skiing sets out to ski Lanín volcano from the summit.
With anti-Asian hate on the rise, three Korean-Americans ride the Great Divide Trail.
Their culture thrived here for millennia but all this and more are being threatened by open net-pen salmon farms.
Photographer Margus Riga heads to Invermere in search of perfect biking shots with yellow larches, beautiful backdrops and sunsets.
A group of like minded individuals come together to break the Australian highlining record.
A film about the complex web of cultural and economic forces which compel and constrain modern forestry practices.
Erik Weihenmayer, a blind athlete ascends a massive alpine rock face in the Sierra Nevada.
Two gritty teams of hobbyist cavers are poised to break records for the longest and deepest caves in Canada.
International mountain bikers join forces with the Indigenous people of rural Oaxaca.
Discover the correlation between jazz and skiing—an expression of art, skiing, and black culture.
Skiers, Sam Favret & Nikolaï Schirmer team up in Norway to find the best mountain lines.
This family finally begins their 'now or never' journey, crossing the Great Divide.
Explore the world of this remarkable family where outdoor sports and adventures still play a central role.
Join five paragliding pilots as they venture into Pakistan's Karakoram mountains to ski and climb.
An epic 18,000-kilometer ride for Huntington's disease from Mexico to Patagonia.
A cougar attack survivor and trans-masculine cyclist becomes an advocate for inclusion within the cycling community.
A group of wounded, injured and sick military veterans attempt to climb a 4000+m Colorado peak.
By foot and on skis, a group heads to the East Ridge of Mount Logan to ski a line that has never been done before.
From devastating injury to the cutting edge of adaptive climbing, follow Adrien Costa for an epic first ascent.
Showcasing the transformative power of nature, the spiritual aspect of trail building, and its enduring legacy.
An all-female team sails through the rough Arctic sea to Greenland, where climbers attempt the first ascent of a Big Wall.
The Ni Hat'ni Dene Guardians are preserving a new national park reserve not only for future generations here - but also for the world.
A story documenting the exploration of how surfing can increase health, wellness and value for nature in a community.
A renowned climber and mountaineer creates a safe space for the next generation of female climbers.
Explore the rise of Iceland's mountain bike scene as advocates face environmental, social, and political challenges.
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