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The Best of VIMFF highlights the best films from our festivals over the past year. Enjoy mountain stories ranging from poignant intimate tales to mind-blowing adventures. Three collections will showcase the best of climbing, biking, and stories from BC.
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Chasing Kasper
After the unexpected loss of pro skier Dave Treadway, mountain biking helps soothe the grief for Tessa and her son.
Cross Countries
An action-packed, immersive visual journey of some of the world’s most spectacular mountain bike trails.
Escape and Embrace
A documentary capturing the life-altering odyssey of a young woman who defied oppression in Iran.
Documenting Anna Hazlett's journey to send Prinzip Hoffnung (E9/10, 8b/+) in Bürs, Austria.
Keepers of the Land
In the heart of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, one Nation is reclaiming the power they held for millennia.
A climber aspires to become the first Cuban to conquer three legendary ascents.
On Fire In Ice
A man suffering from chronic pain finds solace in frigid waters.
Racing for the Next 7
Indigenous Women Outdoors prepares for an enduro race but they aren’t racing for themselves. They are thinking of the next seven generations coming after them.
Ready Or Not
What started as a fun way to get biker Steve Vanderhoek back out after an injury in 2022, quickly turned into a passion project for this husband and wife team.
Red Rock Revolution
A story about Jorge and Joanne Urioste and their development of some of the most classic routes in Red Rock Canyon.
A ballet dancer finds her true expression through rediscovering her passion for movement in the mountains.
Slides on the Mountain
Talon and Riki, two brothers from the Lil’wat Nation, decide to ski Ts’zil and set off to learn the skills they need to ride the mountain safely.
Erik Weihenmayer, a blind athlete ascends a massive alpine rock face in the Sierra Nevada.
Tequio Trails
International mountain bikers join forces with the Indigenous people of rural Oaxaca.
The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels
Two friends, armed with their cameras, stop at nothing to immortalize every moment of their bikepacking adventure.
The Great Divide
This family finally begins their 'now or never' journey, crossing the Great Divide.
The Present
An epic 18,000-kilometer ride for Huntington's disease from Mexico to Patagonia.
Two Tone
A visual cycling experiment with two riders in different off-season conditions with the only solution being to adapt.
Weweni Bimibatoo – Running Gently
Running helps Melissa Arnott reconnect with herself, her culture and her relationship with the land.
Yamnuska: The Ragged Edge
Follow two modern day adventurers as they embark on a rock climbing journey through time on one of Canada’s most iconic climbing cliffs.
þetta Reddast
Explore the rise of Iceland's mountain bike scene as advocates face environmental, social, and political challenges.
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