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10 Incredible Films You Won’t Want to Miss

The 21st annual VIMFF is bringing 80+ incredible mountain films to Metro Vancouver this February. With over 40 shows happening from Feb 9-17, the 2018 program is packed with outstanding films (and speakers!) you won’t want to miss.

Here are a few of our staff’s favourite films to get you started:

VIMFF ben page 5 600x600

The Frozen Road

Director: Ben Page
Origin: UK
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 24 min

Ben Page sought an adventure of perfect solitude in the Canadian Arctic. Yet, as he came to realize, the harsh truths of travelling in such a formidable environment were a long way from the romanticisms of a Jack London book.

Show: Into the Wild | Tues, Feb 13, 7:30, Rio Theatre

vimff 2018 Dirtbag Fred Beckey Dave OLeske featured

Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey

Director: Dave O’Leske
Origin: United States
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 96 min

Fred Beckey was the original American “Dirtbag” climber whose name evokes mystery, adulation and vitriol. A rebel athlete since the 1940s, Beckey was a true pioneer of the outdoors. He passed away in October 2017 aged 94, climbing until the very end.

Show:BCMC presents Dirtbag | Tues, Feb 13, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

IntoTwinGalaxies 07 600x600

Into Twin Galaxies — A Greenland Epic

Director: Jochen Schmoll
Origin: Germany
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 52 min

3 National Geographic ‘Adventurers of the Year’ embark on an insane kayaking mission in Greenland. With kite skis, they tow their white water kayaks over 100km of the Greenland Ice Cap to reach the most northern river ever paddled.

Show: Finale | Sat, Feb 17, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

VIMFF coconut connection 3 600x600

Coconut Connection

Director: Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll
Origin: Belgium
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 36 min

Having previously explored the coast of Baffin on board the famous Dodo’s Delight Nicolas Favresse & Sean Villanueva decide to return on a big wall free climbing expedition in the month of July which is rumoured to have better weather.

Show: Arc’teryx Climbing Show | Thurs, Feb 15, 7:30, Rio Theatre

VIMFF the moment 600x600

The Moment

Director: Darcy Hennessey Turenne
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 75 min

In the backwoods of British Columbia, Canada, three small but dedicated crews of adventure seekers were quietly changing the course of a sport and carving their paths in history. And it was all happening unbeknownst to each other, the cycling world, and ultimately themselves.

Show: Mountain Bike Show | Thurs, Feb 15, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

MM8475 160516 05929 p1c3gh5cnqlfj1o211hr117nc16a9 600x600

The Last Honey Hunter

Director: Ben Knight
Origin: Nepal
Year of Production: 2016
Duration: 36 min

The Last Honey Hunter documents one of the few remaining cultures to harvest the wild hallucinogenic honey from jungle cliffs deep in the remote valleys of eastern Nepal. The film follows Maule Dhan Kulung – the last man in Saadi who knows the ancient ways of the harvest – on his last trip to the cliffs.

Shows: Life in the Himalayas | Thurs, Feb 13, 7:30, The Cinematheque

Best of: Environment & Culture | Sat, Feb 10, 2:00, Rio Theatre / Sun, Feb 11, 2:00, Inlet

VIMFF Nahanni Whisperer 600x600

The Nahanni Whisperer

Director: Dominique Snyers
Origin: Belgium
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 53 min

Four young climbers dream of climbing the Lotus Flower Tower, a legendary big wall, somewhere in the Cirque of the Unclimbables in the furthest outreaches of Northern Canada. For 800 m of climbing, they will have to face 550 km of dangerous Nahanni river over a whole month of total independence.

Show: At Home in Nature | Mon, Feb 12, 7:30, The Cinematheque

vimff 2018 mind vs mountain featured overlay

Magnetic Mountains

Director: Steve Wakeford
Origin: UK
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 85 min

Award winning documentary on the psychology of risk taking in the mountains, featuring top Alpine names but told through story of an everyman.

Show: Mind vs Mountain | Sat, Feb 10, 7:30, The Cinematheque

VIMFF dugout 4 600x600


Director: Benjamin Sadd
Origin: UK
Year of Production: 2017
Duration: 41 min

A simple idea: they would travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon, live with an indigenous community, learn from them how to build a canoe, and the take that canoe on a journey.

Show: Opening Night | Fri, Feb 9, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

VIMFF directly affected 600x600

Directly Affected

Director: Zack Embree
Origin: Canada
Year of Production: 2018
Duration: 75 min

Before the Kinder Morgan pipeline was in the daily news, local filmmaker Zack Embree set out on a mission to understand the impacts of the pipeline on local communities and give voice back to those who had been silenced by the National Energy Board process.

Shows: Uniting the Salish Sea | Sun, Feb 11, 7:30, Centennial Theatre

The Change I Want to See | Fri, Feb 16, 7:30, The Cinematheque

…And Over 70 More Films

For the full list of films and shows, check out the Films list and VIMFF 2018 program. Tickets are on sale now — get yours before they’re gone!


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