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Shaped By Wild

VIMFF FS Film x Shaped by Wild

Explore BC’s Coast Mountains through the eyes of those who have chosen to live amongst its mountains, forests, and ocean.


VIMFF FS Film x Powerstar

A group of climbers aspire to bring more inclusivity to the Indian climbing scene by developing new sport routes in Badami.

Red Rock Revolution

VIMFF FS Film x Red Rock Revolution

A story about Jorge and Joanne Urioste and their development of some of the most classic routes in Red Rock Canyon.

Slides on the Mountain

VIMFF FS Film x Slides on the Mountain

Talon and Riki, two brothers from the Lil’wat Nation, decide to ski Ts’zil and set off to learn the skills they need to ride the mountain safely.

The Pass

VIMFF FS Film x The Pass

Rogers Pass represents one of the most complicated avalanche programs in the world. The stakes are higher than most skiers could ever imagine.

Aether 5

VIMFF FS Film x Aether no world premiere

A short, visual journey of self-discovery featuring the snowboarding of Spencer O’Brien.

People Like Us

VIMFF Fall Series Film x People Like Us

Ryan Collins explores the implications of being a gay man in Revelstoke, BC, while seeking to frame a larger picture of queer life in a mountain small-town.


VIMFF FS Film x Modify updated

Three (adaptive) athletes, Jacob, Ryan and Vasu go deep into the Montana backcountry, snow machines in tow, to seek the joys and challenges that mountains provide.


VIMFF FS Film x Co Workers

Join professional photographer, Paul Morrison, and his son, Ian, on a day in the life at their home resort.

Hankin Evolution

VIMFF FS Film x Hankin Evolution

This film examines the rise of backcountry skiing and reimagines what a classic day on the slopes looks like.

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